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Clipper Round the World Sailing

VMG calculations for Clipper-70

1 Virtual Clipper race 2015-16 London to Rio

2 Rio to Cape Town

3 Cape to Albany

4 Albany to Sydney

5 Sydney to Hobart race

6 Hobart to Whitsundays

7 Whitsundays to Viet Nam

8 Da Nang to Qingdao

9 Qingdao to Seattle

10 Seattle to Panama

11 Panama to New York

12 New York to Londonderry

13 Londonderry to Den Helder

14 Den Helder to London FINAL RESULTS

Sailing in Lemnos 2014

Sailing in Lemnos 2015

Plati beach road signs

Dania Mini market pictures

Clipper Ocean Racing (weekend)

Clipper 60 Ocean racing with sails

Sailing holiday at Lakitira

Sailing at Perdepera, Sardinia

Sailing at San Lucianu

Plati beach information

Fastnet race 2015

Americas Cup sailing 2010

How does a sail work

Sevenstar- Round Britain and Ireland : Virtual Sailing Race : August 2018

Maxi sailing trip in Fuerteventura

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