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VSAT services from Blue Sky Satellite Communications (Kenya and Southern Africa)

Blue Sky Satellite Comunication are based in Johannesburg, South Africa, and  provide satellite services in Africa.

Fixed VSAT dish: Broadband internet connection

The capacity you need and the monthly charges will depend on your application. The least expensive will be a VSAT for a single PC user. The most expensive will be a VSAT used to to provide internet trunking connection for a medium sized town ISP with hundreds of local PCs, VoIP phones and base cell phone sites included.

For home use, small business and internet cafe operations iDirect  technology is offered in the Kenya area, plus ViaSat LinkStar throughout southern Africa. Tell Blue Sky where you are and how many PCs you want to connect and how many VoIP phones, and seek their advice as to the appropriate bit rates and sharing ratios to use.

In the coverage maps to the right iDirect service is offered in a high power and high sensitivity Ku band spot beam pointed at Kenya from the Intelsat 802 satellite at 33 deg east longitude.   the downlink frequency into the indoor iDirect receiver is 1129.6 MHz.

The middle coverage map shows the coverage of the whole of southern Africa using the Eutelsat W3A Africa beam. The service comes from the Eutelsat Skylogic (Viasat Linkstar) VSAT hub is located in the European beam where it is connected to the world internet terrestrial trunk system.  The beam is cross strapped on the satellite so that two transponders are in use - one each way.  Downlink frequency to Africa is 1120.75 MHz (into the LinkStar box)

The corresponding European coverage beam is shown.   For more information about how this works see here:

Large business, town ISP or large corporate

For large business or ISP operations dedicated satellite capacity is appropriate and the technology offered for this is DVB outlink and SCPC type modem for your return link.  If the DVB capacity is dedicated to you [prices for the satellite capacity are much higher but the service is such that any congestion will be under your own control.  Point to point linking is also possible and for this larger dishs are preferred at both ends, such as 2.4m diameter.

Portable and satellite phones / laptop sized satellite internet terminals.

More portable solutions are offered by the Thuraya, Inmarsat and Iridium satellite networks. These include Hughes, SO-2520, SO-2510, Iridium 9505A and Nera Worldphone.  Laptop sized internet terminals include Explorer 500 BGAN, REGIONAL BGAN, HNS 9201 BGAN and Worldpro 1000 BGAN.


Contact details:


Tel: +27 11 432-0075 or Toll free: 0860 18 19 20

Coverage map shows INTELSAT 802 iDirect satellite 
    internet service area, centered on Kenya, Africa

ViaSat LinkStar VSAT coverage from Skylogic, in the Eutelsat W3A Africa beam

Eutelsat W3A satellite internet service beam coverage of North Africa coast and north east Africa

C-band circular polarisation feed assembly
C-band circular polarisation feed assembly

C-band VSAT satellite dish in Africa
C-band circular polarisation VSAT dish

Address: Blue Sky Satellite Communications.  67 Steenbok Ave., Bassonia 2190, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Postal Address: Post Net Suite 201, Private Bag X4, Bedfordview 2008, South Africa

Here are some pictures below of their VSAT installations in Africa.

Note the square tube behind the feed horn.  This square tube is the polariser and has two rows of pins inside.  It may be attached at two alternative 90 deg positions (for left hand LHCP or right hand RHCP circular reception)  to the OMT junction which is in the centre of the picture.  The receive LNB, at the bottom, is joined to the OMT via a transmit reject filter.  The C band transmit BUC is on the lower left.  Note that the entire feed assembly does not need to be adjusted in rotation. Its function as either a RHCP or LHCP receive depends on the way you bolt the polariser to the OMT.  If you get no receive signal try undoing the 8 bolts and trying it the other way.

Patriot Ku band satellite dish in Africa
Patriot Ku band dish

Channelmaster Ku band satellite dish in Africa
Channelmaster Ku band VSAT dish

Patriot Ku band dish and ChannelMaster dish.  Note the high elevation angle of the Patriot antenna.  The offset configuration means then when the beam is pointed almost straight up that the surface is still tilted to avoid water accumulating during rainfall.  The strong rim prevents bending with temperature variations or with the weight and distortion is avoided.  This means an accurate surface shape and excellent beam gain and performance.

Here are some technical details about Blue Sky Satellite Communications services showing the satellites, carrier frequencies and the VSAT technologies used.

Blue Sky are a Virtual Network Operator (VNO) with direct control of their iDirect VSAT hubs on IS-802 and IS-10-02

Satellite L-band IF carrier freq. VSAT tech.
Intelsat IS-802 1129.6 MHz iDirect Ku-Band
Intelsat IS-10-02 1264.34 MHz iDirect C-Band
Intelsat IS-903 1263 MHz Skystar C-Band
Eutelsat W3A 1220.75 MHz Linkstar Ku-Band
Eutelsat AB3 1423.25 MHz Linkstar C-Band

I have written this page at the request of Blue Sky Satellite Communications.  It is simply for your information and is not a paid-for advertisement.

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